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Vexta dances around definition. Her bold and extravagant artworks have invaded our visual landscape from Melbourne to Mexico and everywhere in between. She is somewhat a nomadic urban gypsy, mixing her unique use of vitalic fluorescent with investigations into the sacred elements of science, space, life, death and the feminine. Vexta has established herself as an integral part of the world street art movement, since her beginnings as a self taught artist in Melbourne in the mid 2000’s that saw the rise of some of Australia and the world’s most influential artists. The traditional totems of non-western culture have become her inspiration to describe what it is to exist in the contemporary world. Juxtaposing animal with human forms and her iconic geometric shards, she provides an insight into our fundamental engagement with life, death and the human condition. Currently living and working in New York, she balances regular gallery exhibitions with site-specific murals and projection installations.


Photographs courtesy of the artist, please contact WALL\THERAPY for more information.