MakOne Untitled – (Thank You Rochester) Visual Intervention 2011 (July 7, 2011 – July 11, 2011)



MakOne was born and raised in Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town, and discovered the expressive medium of graffiti art in the late 1980’s. He values the art form as a tool to empower disadvantaged communities and individuals, with a particular emphasis on youth, and works to bring social, educational, and uplifting messages to those living in areas plagued by poverty, social injustice, and limited access to information. In addition to world-wide travels to paint murals, Mak1One hosts workshops at schools and in communities where graffiti will have a positive impact. He was one among the very first group of artists brought to town by WALL\THERAPY in 2011, contributing to the “Believe” mural on Troup Street, and leaving messages of love to Rochester from Cape Town in various other locations.

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Please note, this mural was painted over as part of renovation and repair to the wall in 2014.

Photographs by Mark Deff, please contact WALL\THERAPY for more information.